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This yellow circle retro sunset clipart features stripes in hot summer colors, with about half of the circle being yellow gold.  The red, orange, and gold colors are fantastic  It’s a bit of a variation on the usual retro sunset, but perfect for all your designs relating to the beach, pool, spring break, or summer vacation. It will also be great for any autumn designs that you have in mind. Find a relevant slogan and put it below the sunset.  Find some clip art to layer over it. Personalize it for friends and family who are sun worshippers. It’s a gorgeous sunset that will be great for any number of themes.

The commercial use clipart will make wonderful designs for fall or summer quotes, inspirational quotes, or many other hot selling niches.

Our sunset graphics can go on any number of POD products such as mugs, mouse pads, or shirts. Lunch boxes, 3 ring binders, and notebooks will be timely for the back to school niche. Even if the students are doing school at home, they still like to have cool new gear. If they’re going to actual school they can show it off!

Make your own hot selling designs for your Print on Demand stores. Our sunsets include a commercial use license for Print on Demand stores. We specialize in all sunsets because retro sunset designs sell products. It’s really as simple as that.

Yellow Circle Retro Sunset

This yellow circle retro sunset is available as part of a subscription to AllSunsets.com. You can also purchase this retro vintage sunset individually from our Etsy store.

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