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Vietnam veterans graphics for t-shirt designs are available here at AllSunsets.  This group of veterans was not honored when they came home from war.  It was a very controversial war and many young men refused to go. TV broadcasted the war right into our living rooms and showed us that war is ugly.  It was the first war that the average person could see up close and hear a running body count.

Vietnam Veterans Graphics For T-Shirt Designs

After all these years it’s time to honor the Vietnam veterans who fought bravely in Southeast Asia. They are getting older and every year there are fewer of them. In those days there was a draft so not everyone went willingly. It was a political war, not a righteous war and many young men thought they were pawns of the global establishment. Many of them were just lost and confused, not really knowing what they were fighting for, and wondering why the people at home did not support them. It’s hard to get behind a political war.

My husband was a Special Forces Green Beret and has many stories of Vietnam.  Some are hair-raising and some are pretty funny. He was there for a year and was one who came home unscarred.  He didn’t get into drugs, with the resulting problems, nor was he injured. Thankfully he came home hale and whole. He was lucky, as the war left a lasting mark on so many.

Vietnam Veterans Graphics

There are Vietnam veterans from every branch of service, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. T-Shirt designs about the vets from the different services would be one idea. Did you know the conflict actually started in 1955? The US involvement ended in 1973.  There are several subjects within the framework of the Vietnam war, such as the Tet Offensive, the Gulf of Tonkin, the protests at home, women in the war, Ho Chi Minh, and the My Lai Massacre, to name just a few.


Vietnam veterans graphics

It was a tumultuous time for our country and probably one of the most significant in our history. Also, check for graphics in this genre at AllAmerican Graphics.